Hello again, reader! Let’s continue from where we left of in Part I.

We had just set up our state to an empty array for our todo list App and now we want to set it to a variable. Since useState returns an array, we can destructure that array and…

First, make sure you have Node installed in your code environment. Type in

node -v

to your console to check that it will return a version such as v12.11.0. If you do have a version return, you have Node installed and we can proceed.

npx create-react-app name-with-dashes

The command above…

The way you think it be but it don’t

What is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is the fear of being negatively evaluated by others. Most often occurs when leaving one’s comfort zone, such as public speaking for some. Some triggers of this anxiety are caused by the fear of looking unintelligent or inadequate. And it varies from person to person as some people…

Ricardo Marquez

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